Creating Sacred Space for Bodywork San Francisco

Creating Sacred Space for Bodywork San Francisco is suited to everybody. You dont have to do it just like me. But what you should remember is the fact that it is all about your intention, your conscious focus.

Creating Sacred Space is an extremely important intentional practice that i use within my healing space for bodywork sessions. During these appointments, very deep release could take place inside the clients. Whether it really is physically, emotionally or spiritually, I feel it is important to keep the integrity of the space strong.

Creating Sacred Space for bodywork creates a secure environment for your client where they feel comfortable to release and heal. It represents a safe haven, someplace where they might step from their regular everyday lives and make deep shifts within themselves. It would not necessarily be anything that you’d outwardly notice within a room, but even more of a feeling or even a sense.

Before I start any type of healing session, like bodywork, I drop into my Priestess/Healer/Guide. I call in my highest self, healing guides and ascended masters to become present. I then play my Sacred Medicine Drum to find yourself in altered Shamanic states and align together with the Mother Earth energy. My intentions of this healing journey are set, and I call for any guidance to flow through me like a clear channel.

Whenever I am Creating Sacred Space, I start with burning Sage, Cedar or other herbs to clear any unwanted or left over energies and I ask that this space be blessed. I call in the four directions of North, South, East and West and also the highest healing guides of the receiver. Next, I install energetic grids in the room that protect me and my client from taking any unwanted energies home with them. I build an altar signifying an offering of my intention to be a guide to assist the receiver drop to their authentic selves.

Throughout the years which i have developed my technique of setting Sacred Space, I discover that I actually do this through developing a strong conscious intention of exactly what I want. The quality and focus of the Intentions are the foundation, because without a conscious focus, the desired outcome of a session is not likely. Thoughts, energies, block and fears, whether they be mine or a client, can get in the way of a secure space to transform and heal, as well as may put myself and the client at risk of taking negative energies on.

Besides creating Sacred Space in my Bodywork office, Event Space or Shamanic healing area, I make certain that my house is also cleansed and regularly set. I always have an altar where I play my drum and where I set my own personal intentions for the day. I also try to maintain my clutter levels by donating items that I no longer use and burn sage daily to make sure the energy stays balanced and calm within my surroundings.

You dont have to be a Bodywork Therapist to dive into setting up one’s own Sanctuary.Your strong intention of what you need is a great start. Feel free to contact me should you have any questions or need to speak with me about Creating Sacred Space for Bodywork San Francisco.

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